Mobile users are here and prospering. Firms need to design solutions that give users great experiences no matter what device they may be ingesting the information from. Secondly, the amount of content being produced is also on the rise and firms need to create easy and function authoring experiences for it's marketers to be able to author their content to stand out among the rest; be that being their first to talk about a new technology or a response to recent news. 

The Solution:
Responsive email design helps overcome a number of those barriers focused around the user. Responsive email design is a versatile approach to email design and development that allows emails to fluidly adapt the layout, content, even functionality, as screen sizes change. However, coding ever email takes time and also is limited to knowledge of HTML and CSS. To address the need to increase the firms metabolism of creating email content, I worked with our Integrated Marketing lead to partner with Quarry for developmental needs of an improved email authoring environment in Eloqua. The result, a drag and drop like experience in creating and editing emails to augment the firm's digital strategies—specifically as they relate to marketing automation, CRM, digital marketing (SEM, SEO)—are built to drive business.
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