Providing navies with an effective self-defense capability since 1966.
The NATO SEASPARROW project is a joint international military and industrial consortium with the distinction of being the largest and longest running cooperative smart defense project in NATO history.

Project Goal:
NATO SEASPARROW required strategy, design, and tools to expand their digital reach and effectively share project news and thought leadership resources.

What We Did:
We conducted 1-on-1 interviews with members of our executive team to nail down the exact goals and KPIs of the project. This includes creating an information architecture diagram of the site that shows the relationships between screens. In hand with the diagram, we used the personas created in the previous step to evaluated the content, goals, and KPIs before updating and suggesting changes. The diagram was used to help define the scope of our project releases and acted like a checklist as we write, design, publish pages.

Sketching and Mocks:
By sketching on a white board first, as a group we were able to boost our agility to solve problems. The temporary medium and constant communication of  thinking through the brief and connecting ideas helps encourage the discovery of new ways of representation and composition.  Wireframes and visual mocks are used throughout the entire redesign process to help think through new problems as they arise, collaborate through feedback and get buy in from stakeholders more effectively and quickly than waiting weeks for in between development sprints.  As well as, moodboards were create to share and collaborate on the vision of what the new site will look like. Several boards will be dedicated to specific areas like navigation, layout, and typography.
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