With the demand for quality content and a digital experience that is both consistent across devices as well as easy to understand. Thus, the website legacy content management system needed to be revamped. Secondly, the amount of content being produced also is also on the rise and managing both a site and a mobile site was presenting versioning issues and risk to the firm. Thus, the firm needed to create both a responsive site and an easy and functional authoring experiences for it's marketers.

The Solution:
Responsive webpage design helps overcome a number of those barriers focused around the user. However, they do not address creating a wider funnel for marketers outside of the digital team to also act as authors within the enterprise content management system. To address all needs and to drastically improve all users experiences with the enterprise CMS, we began with a site audit, user personas, and partnered with Axis41 for developmental needs around AEM. The result, a component based experience in creating and editing pages to augment the firm's digital strategies—specifically as they relate to the integration of web, mobile, social, digital marketing (SEM, SEO) and analytics—are built to drive business.
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